At Meow, Bark and Board, we know that a relaxed pet is a happy pet. All of our pet services are performed in the most soothing and stress-free manner possible. We play calming music and diffuse animal-specific pheromones in and around the kennel runs and cat condos. We even use aromatherapy during playtime, training classes, Reiki sessions, and pet massage therapy sessions!



We suspect that the last thing y'all want to do at home is wrestle your pet into a tiny tub. Nobody wants soggy sleeves, but it’s important for our animals to look and feel fresh. So, let us do the dirty work and pamper your pet with a warm, sudsy bath in our soothing, stress-relieving facility! 

>50 lbs long hair - $35
>50 lbs short hair - $30
<50 lbs long hair - $25
<50 lbs short hair - $20

Medicated Bath

Sometimes a bath is just good medicine—literally, for our animal friends! You bring the prescribed shampoo, and we do the rest! Sometimes the medicated shampoos have to sit on the pet’s skin for a while, or they need a prescription dip. Those services are included in the price as well.

Medicated Bath - $40

Most Baths and Brush Outs take 30 minutes from start to finish, including drying time. If extra time is needed for bathing, drying or brushing, it’s just $5 for every additional 15 minutes.  Even pups hate to break a nail! Get their nails trimmed and filed; they’ll feel like a new dog. And check out our other head-to-toe services that will get them all spiffed up and ready to get back to playtime!

Nail Trim

starting at $20
Two feet starting at $10
Nail File/Dremal starting at $25

Anal Gland Expression

Veterinary Technicians on staff are qualified to perform internal anal gland expression. $25

Teeth Brushing

You can bring your pet’s toothbrush and favorite flavor toothpaste from home, or you are welcome to purchase them here. $5/per day

Ear Cleaning

Price subject to change based on severity of wax build up and time spent with pet. - $10


Ear Plucking

Price subject to change depending on severity of hair build up and time spent with pet. - $15

Health & Wellness Services

For pets... and for us, play time is serious business. Your dogs will enjoy leash walks and lure chasing in the largest of our three natural play yards, as well as relaxing Reiki or pet massage therapy sessions with Stacy!

Play Time

$5 per 15 minutes.

Leash Walk

$5 per 15 minutes.

Lure Chasing

$10 per 15 minutes


Pricing varies. Packages available.
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Special Needs


Here at Meow, Bark and Board we welcome animals of all needs and abilities. Have a degree in Veterinary Technology, Stacy and the rest of the staff members (under Stacy's explicit direction) here are qualified and able to provide “Special Needs Pet Care” when required.

Examples of special needs situations:

  • Senior pets might require a little extra help getting around
  • Anxious pets benefit from extra attention to feel secure and oftentimes require extra cleanup
  • Pets with kidney disease, diabetes or other illnesses may need fluids, insulin or special mealtimes

We are happy to accommodate these and many other needs during your pet’s stay with us. They will be in good hands as we watch over and care for them. 

This service price begins at $10 per day and may increase depending on the amount of time the "Special Needs Care" requires.