Our Facilities

All animals are different, and that’s why we love them so much! At Meow, Bark and Board, we offer personalized options to make sure your pet is happy, relaxed and physically active throughout their stay. Running and playing are probably high on your pet’s daily to-do list, which is why we now have THREE different play yards—2 large, natural yards separated by wooden privacy fences and a 10’ x 45’ turf and gravel yard. By ensuring lots of exercise and play, we keep your pets happy and relaxed!

  • Our standard runs measure 4’x5’ and our large run measures 5’x10’.

  • Attached to every indoor run is a 5’x15’ outdoor run, which includes 5’x5’ of turf.

  • As long as it is not too hot or too cold, dogs will be able to access their individual outdoor run throughout the day.

  • We always let them out to play and go potty individually 3 times per day in one of our 3 play yards.

  • Nighttime is spent sleeping indoors only, so they can get some rest.

Dog RunS

Standard Run - $30 / per day
Large Run - $40 / per day

Sleepovers are better with friends. If you have more pets, the more the merrier! All additional dogs are $25 per dog / per day to stay in the same run or suite. There is a maximum of three dog per run or suite.

Luxury Suites

Luxury Suite - $50 / per day

Have a dog who appreciates the finer things? Your pup can “lap” in luxury while lounging in one of our quiet, homey, 6’x8’ luxury suites. With play yard views, 2 extra play sessions, and an extra bedtime snack, your pup won’t even have time to miss you!


Cat Condo - $20 / per day

We don’t want our boarders fighting like cats and dogs! Your cat will enjoy a private and quiet area away from the dogs and other cats. Our ventilation system supplies clean, fresh air at all times.